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    「南モルッカ」とかいう国名の架空の切手があると、収集を始めた子供のころ、何かの切手の記事で読んだ記憶があります。そこで、アメリカの郵趣百科事典「This is Philately」(Kenneth A. Wood著/1982年刊)を見たところ、次のように書かれていましたので、参考のために紹介します。
    South Moluccas:
    The South Moluccas Republic was a short-lived entity in the Moluccas, or Spice Islands. These islands lie between the Celebes (Sulawesi) and New Guinea.
    The South Moluccas group comprised the islands of Buru, Ceram (Seram), and Ambon, according to Dr. Robert E. Florida writing in Stamp Collector (Jan. 1, 1977).
    Some of the inhabitants of these islands wanted to be independent of Indonesia when that country was formed after World War II from what had been the Dutch East Indies.
    For a short time during 1951, a provisional government existed, but Indonesia’s military forces brought the islands under its control, and the provisional government went into exile in the Netherlands.
    It is this government -in-exile that is presumed to have issued a number of stamp-like labels inscribed “REPUBLIK MALAKU SELATAN” that has come onto the philatelic market in large quantities since 1951. These labels are still encountered, and since none are listed in the major catalogs, they tend to confuse collectors.
    Florida lists nine issues released from 1951 to 1974, a selection of which is illustrated. He states that it is doubtful that any of these items ever did postal duty in the islands.
    Another label inscribed “REPOEBLIK MALOEKOE SELATAN” is known, and stamps of the Dutch East Indies overprinted “RMS” are rumored to exist.




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