FIP世界切手展 THAILAND2018 日本からの出品作品




大沼幸雄 L.V.Beethoven – His Life in a Historical Context and His Legacy

岩崎善太 Siam 1883-1895 (Previous title: Siam Classic)
伊藤純英 Japan: Showa Series, 1937-46
菊地恵実 Japan Definitives 1937-1940
丹羽昭夫 Japan Definitives Issues 1914-1925 (Previous title: Japan: Tazawa Series “Taisho” Watermarked Granite Paper Old Die)
吉田敬 Japan Definitives 1922-1937
斎藤環 Austria and Lombardy-Venetia the 1850 Issues
吉田敬 Kingdom of Prussia 1850-1867
佐藤浩一 Republica Argentina: Sitting Liberty Series 1899-1903

伊藤純英 Foreign Mail in Nagasaki, Japan 1865-1905
伊藤文久 Hungarian Inflation 1945-1946
正田幸弘 Postal History of Brazil 1795-1877 (Previous title: Postal History of Brazil 1809-1877)
和田文明 The U.S. Return Receipt Requested & Avis de Reception 1866-1945

安藤源成 Japanese Foreign Mail Postcards

立川賢一 South America Airmails by Graf Zeppelin (Previous title: Airmails Carried by Graf Zeppelin)

嘉ノ海暁子 Floriculture – Its History of Development Viewed Through Europe
江村清 The History of Artist’s Portraits – Traces of 600 Years Hand in Hand with Muses (Previous title: The History of Artist’s Portrait-the transition of western art over 600 years)

日本郵趣協会 Suomi Finland 1856-1875
正田幸弘 Gems on Paper
無料世界切手カタログ・スタンペディア㈱ Stampedia Philatelic Journal
日本郵趣協会 Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue Vol 1, Vol 2
日本郵趣協会 Ryukyu Specialized Catalogue

菊地恵実 1943 Malay 4C Postal Card
川辺勝 Entry of the Crusaders in Constantinople by Delacroix (Previous title: Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix)

須谷伸宏 Japan Definitives: 1980-1988

荒井照夫 The Life of Richard Wagner